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We’re passionate about providing advanced care for both growing and performance horses. Our specially formulated horse supplements target specific problems to help enhance overall health and wellbeing. From healthy hooves and joints to muscle recovery and gastric health, our range of horse vitamins can support in training and in competition.

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Metabolic Balance contains electrolytes designed to keep your horse well hydrated during training and competition

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OVVet Calm & Focus can help horses that exhibit nervousness, hyperactivity or respond to environmental stresses

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Try Gastric Control Gold to help maintain healthy gastric acid levels in the stomach

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  • I run a beach horse riding business aimed at newlyweds, just outside Santa Barbara. We get all kinds of clients, but most have little to no riding experience. Couple that with a photographer taking a long time to get the "right shot" the horses tend to get pretty stressed and eventually less cooperative. So far I have been feeding Calm and Perform to my most anxious horses and the change was almost immediate. I mean a horse who could hardly stay put for 5 minutes was happily waiting for almost half an hour - letting the newlyweds get the perfect picture. I will definitely be rolling this product out to all my horses.
    Simon LópezSanta Barbara
  • I've got two little ones and I honestly couldn't be happier having the kids around the horses now that they're taking Calm & Perform regularly. Kids can be a handful and before our horses would spook pretty easily to loud noises and especially if you came at them from their blind side so I wasn't happy having my kids around the horses. After about a week I noticed a real difference in the horses, in our mare in particular who had just given birth and was pretty edgy around her foal. Now they're super calm and happy with my daughter cuddling the foal.
    Lyndsay HolmesSuffolk
  • I'm by no means a professional at this but for what it's worth Charged is maybe the single most valuable addition I can recommend to your routine. During both training and show times, I work my horse pretty hard and in this part of the world horses can easily overheat. I normally had a great pale of water ready for my horse to dive into after training but I learnt that this was exactly the WRONG thing to do. I had no idea that filling my horse up with water after training was just making her more dehydrated! That's why charged is essential for me now. Her recovery time is so much shorter and she sweats a lot less during training if she's taking in the electrolytes.
    Virginia RiceBaylor TX
  • Last  year I inherited my mother's farm where she still kept horses. She got into keeping horses pretty late in life so I didn't actually grow up around them - so I had a pretty steep learning curve. Some of the horses had some serious gum disease and I freaked out worrying about how to deal with this. Luckily OVVET were super helpful advising me on what my options were and how I can help these horses. Their product DentalPro did an amazing job of clearing up problems that would have cost me hundreds of dollars per horse to treat. I keep them all on DentalPro now to keep these problems in check.
    Diana HarrisBoone KY