Does my horse have ulcers

Does my horse have ulcers
Tuesday February 2nd, 2016 ovvet
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Knowing whether your horse has ulcers or not can be difficult. But here are some helpful tips you can use right away to ensure your horse’s health.

Gastric ulcers are common in all types of horses, from race horses to eventers – even pets. Much of the information written about EGUS has focused on racing thoroughbreds. Gastric ulcers are areas or erosion and irritation in the digestive tract. They are the result of acids escaping the stomach and damaging the surrounding membranes.
Only 10% of the digestive tract is taken up by the stomach, and is broken into two parts: the “glandular portion” and the “non-glandular” above the margo plicatus, which is less protected.

Signs that your horse may have ulcers:

Note that these signs are not diagnostic but several of these can give a good indication that your horse is experiencing GI discomfort.

  • Grinding of the teeth
  • Belching noises
  • Slow eating
  • Refusing foods
  • Sour, sulky attitude
  • Poor coat
  • Weight-loss
  • Weight-loss
  • Poor performance
  • Irritability
  • Belly sensitivity

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